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How to find the best domain name

Selecting the best name for your website is a difficult task. Let's say that you are a car reseller and need a name for your new online business. This is what you could think about...

  • 1. Short, common and rememberable word car is better than automobile
  • 2. You can combine two words: car with inas which gives you carinas
  • 3. You can choose .com or .net but maybe .store also is a good choice?
  • 4. Make sure the name is not taken by another company
  • Now you are ready. is your new great name for your online business!

If you are creating an app then check on the the App Store and Google Play and similar places so you are sure your name is not already taken.

Creating a good name, specially if you use keywords that rank high in will give your website a boost in the search list for the keywords people search for. For example: if many people searches for iphone accessories then a good name would be . It will automatically rank higher and give you a boost for those keywords. However, if you think you can make good SEO then this is not the most important thing to think about, but it helps.

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